Mermaid Projects

Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) “SEAS 4 LIFE”  

Surfers against Sewage are providing Mayim Mermaid Academy with some certificates and fun educational booklets to educate Mermaids and their families to be more environmentally aware, through the Sustainable coastal communities educational programme. Reaching our Little Mermaids and Mermen in a fun and engaging way.

As a Mermaid you have an obligation to be environmentally aware, Mermaid MerShell and team are ambassadors for the underwater world and have a debrief at the end of Mermaid Lessons, Parties and Mermaid Experiences. Mermaids and Mermen gain knowledge of the underwater world giving them the ability to pass on knowledge to others thus- reduce and manage risk and enjoy helping preserve the environment.

Mayim Mermaids and Mermen receive a SAS Education booklet “SEAS 4 LIFE” and a certificate at the end of their first, Mermaid lesson party or experience.


Beach cleans will be organised throughout the year to help people Reduce, Re-use and Recycle the things people use and to stop litter from going into our seas. This is also an ideal opportunity for a “MERMAGICAL photo shoots wearing a Beautiful Mermaid Tail” as weather permitting we will have a photo shoot.

Please keep up to date on our Facebook page for Beach Cleans.

For more information on SAS and to become a member, VISIT: