South Coast’s Mermaid Academy

Mayim Mermaid academy was established in the late summer of 2015 by Director, founder and Mermaid Instructor Michelle Forsbrey. Known as Mermaid MerShell, and for having a passion for the beach, ocean, surf, swimming and generally anything water based, she was determined to make other Mermaids dreams come true.

Mermaid MerShell is a trained Shallow Water Mermaid Swimming Instructor, trained by The International Mermaid Swimming Instructors Association. (IMSIA), where she received her International lifeguard certification and her, 5 Star Shallow Water Mermaid Instructors qualification.

Following this she was also trained by FreediveUK, the first Mermaid School in the UK. Where after a challenging week in GOZO, she received AIDA * Freediving and FreediveUK 2 Star Oper Water Mermaid Certification.

Mayim Mermaid Academy offers, structured group lessons, 1:1 and 2:1 Lessons. Parties, Hen Doos and celebrations for occasions.
Land based (not in pool) photo shoots especially for those who are not quite old enough or ready for Mermaid Swimming Lessons, Parties and Mermaid Experiences. Above the water and under water photography whilst having a lesson, party or experience wearing a Mermaid Tail.


As Mermaids, we are fully committed our environment and protecting and preserving our back garden “Dorset’s beautiful beaches and Cost Line” we will also be involved with other initiatives including Beach Cleans with Surfers against sewage and would love it if you could join us sometime. Please keep up to date on our Facebook page.

Mayim Mermaid Academy also offers a range of Swimmable Mermaid Tails, from “The Mermaid Tail Factory’s” beautiful Mandarin & Parrot collection. Or Contact us directly for if you would like to purchase a tail through us. For our younger Mermaids and Mermen, we have some lighter, smaller tails to introduce you to the world of Mermading.

We pride ourself on our Safety, Customer Service and Care and Safe Mermaiding is our main priority. This year 2016, Mermaid MerShell has more goals to achieve, to bring as much experience skills and qualifications to share with Mayim Mermaids.

Keep up to date with Mermaid MerShells Blog page… It is full of lots of exciting and MERMAGICAL Adventures. We cant wait to meet all you Mermaids and Mermen and you join us for a MERMAGICAL Experience you will never forget at Mayim Mermaids.

Keep your Fins up & Keep Smiling