Mayim Mermaid Academy & Michelle Mermaid in Mexico City

Mayim Mermaid Academy and Mermaid MerShell made it across the big pond today…

A gruelling 5,545 Miles across the Atlantic.

It was a smooth ride, and after a much needed rest woke up to Blue Sunny sky’s and a lovely pool.

The pool was lovely, and although small, it was deep enough to swim and practice some moves, we got some great pictures and shocked a few guests who are snapping away. One guy was particularly excited. 

The Crew who I was working with, were all interested and especially the mothers who had daughters at home, asking to take pictures to show their daughters. 

It was amazing to be in the sunshine, outside, in the pool and swimming as a Mermaid in a new location.

Being a Blue moon on the flight home, I was in a safe place on the upper deck of the 747 with all the blinds down until daylight… ” I was not Moon Struck” ;0)
X Mermaid MerShell