Mayim Mermaid Academy has been on its most incredible adventure to Bad Weisse Germany. 

Meeting other Mermaids and instructors. 

It was MERMAGICAL and unforgettable. Normeth (ISMIA examiner and founder) was the most warm, caring, motivating and knowledgable Instructor, and all her staff very patient and professional.

After a grueling start, receiving my International Life Saving Certification on the first day, I was then able to concentrate on Mermading and instructor skills.

I was able to demonstrate and fine tune teaching techniques throughout the course whilst working with Students from ages from 7- approximately 12 years old. It was amazingly rewarding and I honestly can not tell you how Stoked the children and parents were after their experience. Some parents joining in with their children for a photo shoot at the end of the lesson.

The photo shoot was incredible, children look amazing under the water after practicing swimming and under water techniques, as well as breathing properly before going under water, were more than ready and confident after the lesson to pose for the camera. 

I am so very excited to teach other Mermaids and allow them to enjoy an unforgettable magical experience and make their dreams come true, whilst gaining confidence and improving their swimming both in and under the water. 

They really did too, from the smallest most timid wanting to go first at everything, the tail seems to bring out the best in their swimming and confidence. 

I was also privileged to have had the experience of seeing the sheer joy that a mermaid tail brought to a disabled young child. As soon as she saw the tail she was instantly excited, I could tell by her facial expressions how excited she was, it was heart warming.

The smile on her face was too big for words and whilst under water with her I was able to see she was still smiling face fully immersed in the water.

She loved going under the water and even managed to move her hips (she can not walk or swim) however when assisted properly turns into a Mermaid.

The whole course was invaluable and being trained by the International Mermaid Swimming instructors Accociation, Mayim Mermaid Academy is very proud to be affiliated with the IMSIA and soooo excited to launch in a few weeks time. Keep up to date on our Facebook page as there may be some pre launch MERMAGICAL opportunities, to try on a tail, and get an idea of what MERMAGICAL experiences are to come……
X Mermaid Michelle