Group Mermaid Experiences will be held at The Chine Hotel & some other local pools throughout the Summer months.
They will include photos in the MERMAGICAL gardens of The Chine Hotel. We will warm up and introduce you to your Beautiful Tail, including safety and care of the tail and a brief of what your MERMAGICAL Experience will involve.

The experience will include basic Mermaid Swimming, some basic cheography, swimming for treasures under the water.
We will have a short debrief at the end of the Experience including safe Mermading, education about the environment and sea from the Surfers against sewage Seas for Life Guide.

The experience includes, tuition, tail hire pool hire a few group pictures,certificate and a Magical MERMAGICAL Experience you will never forget.


  • Individual pictures and under water pictures.
  • Any logo products you wish to purchase.
  • Purchasing your very own Mermaid Tail.

1:1 and 2:1

Includes all of whats included in the Group Mermaid Experience, however having less Mermaids and Mermen, will give us more time for perfecting moves, photography and a more individual experience.

Photo shoots

All lessons and parties include a photo shoot, however for the inexperienced swimmer, if you are too young for a lesson or if you would like to just have your picture taken wearing a MERMAGICAL Beautiful Mermaid Tail, this is the experience for you. It will be usually held at a local pool, however we are currently researching locations especially for the winter months to have the best background and surroundings for your pictures.

Beach Photo Shoots

Mermaids are at home on the beach in the natural elements of where they belong.. The South Coast offers MERMAGICAL Beaches and coastline, with some of the prettiest places in the UK to have a Mermaid Photo Shoot. Beach photo Shoots start in the Spring months through to October.
Obviously weather permitting.

Surfers Against Sewage

We will be involved in beach cleans throughout the year, from spring to Autumn this will include a free Picture wearing a Mermaid Tail (weather permitting) We will advertise dates of these on our Facebook page and would love the Mayim Mermaid Pod to get to gather to help Protect and Preserve our local Beaches.