Michelle Forsbrey / “Mermaid MerShell”

Managing Director and founder of Mayim Mermaid Academy

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Posted by Mayim Mermaid Academy on Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Having come from a strong swimming background, and a lover of Disney and especially The Little Mermaid. Mermaid MerShell found her love for the water. Being lucky enough to be living by the sea and travelling with her job she was a Mermaid in the water and sea at any opportunity.

Mermaid MerShell has expressed her passion of the water through surfing and paddle boarding, as a volunteer and a mentor for the Wave Project. She has also been an active member of Bay SUP, and last year competed in the Frostbite race series.

In summer 2015, she coordinated Bournemouth SUP for Life, a UK charity event spread across twenty other locations in the UK, which raised money to fund vulnerable children to learn how to surf across the UK. Recently charity work has extended to Mermaid Beach Cleans with Surfers against Sewage and Helping make a Mermaid Dream come true with Dreams Come True Charity.

Mermaid MerShell calls herself and most of her friends Mermaids and Mermen. Which literally means that they are all like-minded people who are passionate about swimming and coming to life in their favourite element, the water.

Mermaid MerShell remembers the first time she saw a Mermaid in New Zealand (a friends daughter) and never dreamed that her time would come. In 2014, she injured herself whilst surfing and skiing. After months of challenging rehabilitation through physiotherapy she was determined to keep positive, Mermaid MerShell started to look for new ways to recover and knew that she had to be creative. It was time for her first Mermaid experience.

Having acquired her first Mermaid tail, Mermaid MerShell found that it not only helped her recover, she also found that it was great exercise and having fun in a safe and low-impact environment.

The response of others, both adults and children, to Mermaid MerShell using her Tail for the first time, inspired and motivated her to research, work hard and drive herself to set up a business, Mayim Mermaid Academy (MMA).

Mermaid MerShell is a qualified Shallow Water Mermaid Swimming Instructor and was trained by  The International Mermaid Swimming Instructors Association (IMSIA). She is also a qualified STA Swimming Instructor and working towards her advanced certificate. She is also a qualified UK pool lifesaver with the RLSS and has International Red Cross Lifesaving Certification.

In 2015, Mermaid MerShell attended a week long Freediving course in Gozo with Freedive UK, where she received her Freedive UK Open Water 2 Star Mermaid Certification and AIDA Level 1.

She has continued this with a Local Freediving club, GO Freediving, where she is already progressing. Mermaid MerShell is determined to work towards higher achievements so that she can expand Mermaid fun and fitness into every persons life.

Mermaid MerShell feels privileged to be able to share Mayim Mermaid Academy and the whole Mermaiding experience by inviting all Mermaids and Mermen to join the Mayim Mermaids Pod.

Mayim Mermaid Academy has various MERMAGICAL, experiences to suit all wishes and dreams, from Mermaid parties, supervised structured lessons, private coaching, hen parties or any other celebrations. This also includes photo shoot opportunities, corporate events, including team building days, videos and other experiences to meet specific needs.

Mermaid Mershell has a strong experienced team of assistants of Lifesavers, Swimming Instructors, Surf Coaches and open water Lifesavers.

We are looking forward to meeting all you Mermaids and Mermen out there :0)