We make dreams come true…

Mayim Mermaid Academy can make dream come true, by offering Mermaid Parties. They are custom made to suit different ages of Mermaids and Mermen.

Mermaid Parties, can be for any occasion from age 7 plus, giving you and your friends, family or colleagues a chance to get together for a Mermagical Adventure together. Giving you a chance to be a “Real life Mermaid or Merman” in a safe, fun and structured environment.

Mermaid Parties include: Full Instruction,  Assistant, Full Lifeguard cover, Mermaid Tail hire and certificates. Parties are for up to 6 Mermaids age 7 Plus for one Hour.

Mermaids will learn safe use to the tail, putting it on and taking it off, a warm up,  above water  photo shoot , learn the basic mermaid swimming strokes, play games and for the more confident some basic choreography and have lots of fun under the water. Certificates will be given out at the end of the party as well as chat and some education at the end regarding safety when going on holiday with a Mermaid Tail.

Photos can be purchased at an additional cost. Birthday Mermaid/Merman will have a few free.

(Group parties are subject to finding a suitable pool to meet your requirements, prices vary depending on pool, and numbers of Mermaids and Mermen)

1:1 AND 2:1

Wanting a more individual party/celebration or lesson. 1:1 and 2:1 experiences are very popular and can also be more affordable. They last for one and a half to two hours, giving you more time and more individual tuition. Giving you time to perfect your Mermaid skills also for your photo shoot and under water photography. Photos can be purchased at an additional cost. Birthday Mermaid/Merman will have a few free.

Options for Age 7 and under:

Hire a Mermaid for your pool party. (only the hired Mermaids in a tail)
Mermaid Photo Shoot at your Pool/Beach Party/Location of your choice.

We also have an ideal pool for up to 3 Little, Mermaids or Mermen for Photo Shoots this hired on an hourly basis.

Party Requirements / Safety

Group Parties are for Mermaids over 7 years plus who can swim confidently.

Mermaids and Mermen must be alee to swim at least 25 Meters.
Tread Water in both the shallow and deep end.
Turn 360 degrees in the water.
Back Float (Star) and transition to Front Float.
Able to swim with-out an aid and confident in going under water.
Although we take a step by step approach to using the tail, this is an essential, as we make Safe Mermaid Swimming as our main priority.

We also cater for HEN PARTIES, OFFICE PARTIES, and any other CELEBRATIONS for all ages.

Pricing & Extras

Party Prices: Vary, due to different pool prices, numbers of Mermaids and Mermen, requirements and additional extras. The easiest way to book a party is by phone.


Under water photos.
Under water short video
Necklace (coming soon)
Mayim Mermaid Academy logo Products (coming soon)
Purchase a Beautiful tail to take on further Mermagical Adventures. (we have some in stock and can order them to meet your requirements)

We can’t wait to meet new Mermaids, this will be a Mermagical Experience, so that your Dreams of being a “Real Life Mermaid” really do come true.

   (and Team)

Shell Phone: 07714991075