Have A Fintastic Time In A Tail That Lasts With Proper Care

Be proud, keep your tail up!

Looking After Your Tail

Now you have your own tail, I am sure you will want to look after it. Mayim Mermaid Academy’s advice is to:

  1. Do not wash your tail in a washing machine or tumble drier.
  2. Let it drip dry out of the sun.
  3. Sunlight will fade the MERMAGICAL colours.
  4. Try not to push off the side of the pool with your tail, this will add considerably to wear and tear.
  5. Try not to stand in your tail in the water, again this will hurt it. (hold on to the side and flap around instead)
  6. When on the side of the pool sit on a towel or mat, we do not want the bottom to wear and tear. (remember its only swimming costume material)
  7. Always wash it out in fresh water before drip drying. (oh… don’t drip dry over your parents carpet.. towels are good)
  8. Do not, bleach, iron etc… fresh water only.
  9. Keep tail and fin out of the sun when drying,  Pushing off the side of the pool and standing on your tail can damage the fin, please be careful.