Have Fun, Smiles, Laughter, A Fintastic Time And Be Safe!

“Always remember this is Sporting Equipment, not a Toy.”

How To Wear

  1. Adult supervision absolutely required when swimming in Mermaid Tails. purchases are only permitted if the purchaser agrees to look after, watch over and protect their Mermaid or Merman.
  2. Hold your Tail like a Surf Board, under your arms or like a Santa Sack over your shoulders, with no tail skins hanging near the ground. (we want no slips and trips before you use your tail)
  3. Absolutely no standing on the side of the pool or any where in your Mermaid Tail (slippery surfaces, no feet to balance yourself) This is the first Mermaid Safety Rule! and very important!
  4. When using for the first time, make sure you are always at a convenient distance to grab the rails or the side of the pool.
  5. Enter the pool in a controlled manor “Mermaids are graceful”. Put you Tail on at the edge of the pool and slip in holding onto the sides.
  6. Once in the pool always keep a safe distance from others, stay in a less crowded part of the pool. We do not want anyone being hit by the fin and want to avoid any unnecessary accidents. (always suggested to stay swimming close to the side of the pool if you can)
  7. Mayim Mermaid Academy can not take any responsibility should anything happen in your Mermaid tail, However really suggests that you have a Mermaid Lesson or experience before with us or with another Mermaid School.
  8. Warm up properly before using Mermaid Tails to avoid cramp etc.
  9. If using you Mermaid Tail on holiday, please apply all the above. Always supervised! For children, I would recommend staying in a pool. (as there is always somewhere to hold on to) If you do go in the sea, be supervised at all times and ask about the sea conditions in the area you are swimming. Preferably on a lifeguarded beach.